About Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy works toward settling the nervous system and can lead to changes in areas of restriction and discomfort within the body. It is a subtle yet profound healing modality which assists the bodies capacity for self repair. Each person has their own unique experiences in life and our bodies register these experiences, thoughts and feelings.

It is with the assistance of the practitioner the clients own “inner physician” seeks to reorganise and find balance. Nature is incredible and so our our bodies – life springs up wherever it has the opportunity, for example after a bush fire, the forest regenerates. Our bodies naturally want to realign themselves with health and this therapy helps our bodies to tap into it’s own innate wisdom to create balance.

What happens in a BCST session?

After initial interactions the client would usually lie on the treatment table fully clothed and the practitioner will use a very gentle touch to connect with different area’s of your body. As a practitioner we are always inviting and looking for the health within your system, however the session is actually led by you the client and guided by what your body show’s us.

Who is this type of therapy suitable for?

BCST is suitable for anyone of any age, and in fact is incredibly beneficial at the beginning of life and towards end of life. I worked in palliative care for years and found it gave many comfort when they had much pain and anxiety.

How does it help with babies & young children? 

Being born can be a challenging experience not only for the Mother, also for bub. Squeezing down that birth cancel or positioning in utero for all those months can have an impact, and thats with just a straight forward birth. Add in any interventions or restrictions, or complications and we have another set of things to address. I’ve found that babies have such an incredible response to BCST – their little bodies just seem to innately know how to unwind and find their point of balance and health.

Each stage of development for children can have it’s own set of challenges both for the Child and the Parents – BCST is a wonderful way to help you children become more aware of their own bodies and also the sense of slowing down and how that feels. (Something many of us have lost touch with.)

Body Back in Balance

With the changing world we are living in Amanda is  also pleased to be able to offer personal online sessions. Working online with clients is amazingly effective and powerful, and it is a huge advantage for clients to be able to access support without having to travel anywhere.

“My one-on-one online sessions are convenient, supportive and stress-free”.

What happens in a BBB session

In our first session, I will use both holistic counselling and health coaching to help establish a treatment plan that is tailored to suit your individual needs. No one size fits all! Whether it’s looking at your lifestyle, food choice changes or practical tools to help settle your nervous system, you will come away with your own personalised program, along with some self-care tools to support your journey.

In these sessions I am drawing on all the skills I’ve learnt over the years to tap into what you may need to help you on your journey – whether that  be a flower remedy, a chakra balance, some deep inner and stillness work or a health and wellness coaching package to detox your system inside and out. We work together to find what is the best for you right now!

Who is it suitable for?

Anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stuck in life and wanting to create change for themselves but they just don’t know how. A Body Back in Balance session or program is there to help to teach and guide you on how to make subtle (& sometimes not so subtle) changes in your life that have a wonderful knock on flow effect into the rest of your life and how you manage things for yourself and others around you.

Flower Essence Consultations

Flower Essences are natural health elixirs derived from wild flowers. They come from nature and have proven to be health generating in many areas of life including physical, mental and spiritual. Every experience we have lived through has left impressions on us therefore if it’s been something traumatic or painful we have built our own thought form around this to protect ourselves a “survival” concept so as to try and avoid the pain or trauma next time.

For example: if we have been hurt in a relationship by being close to that person, in our next relationship we just dont get close, we might put the walls upthat is our survival concept and this then becomes a pattern for us in our daily lives.

The nature of the wild flowers is to heal the blocks in our mind that often prevent us from going forward on our path in life. Flowers have been used culturally for thousands of years to heal the mind, body and spirit.

What happens in a session?

A session in the clinic may consist of topical application of Living Essences with creams and sprays or the auricular (ear) points. The key area’s we will look at are Stress, Pain and Energy and sometimes grounding or centering yourself.

Another way of working more deeply is using a variety of different tools to access more of the subconscious thought forms and this can be done both online or in person.

On completion of the session Amanda will make up your personalised remedy and it can be posted out to you or collected in person.

Amanda would love to share with you how you can work with flower essences to assist your healing journey.

Flower Meditation
White Nymphy Waterlily 
I rise through the mud of desire
up into the water, air and sun
I arise
pristine and white
facing the light
resting in tranquility.
(by Vasudeva & Kadambii Barnao – Life Academy WA)

Flower Remedies for Children

When working with children using the beautiful flower images the child is able to be in the moment and we work together along with the child’s parent/guardian in a playful manor so we can develop the remedy that is right for them.

“I love that children don’t have to actually articulate anything about what is bothering them if they choose not to and yet this process helps them to create the remedy that just suits them! I’m always in awe of how even little toddlers have responded”.
Amanda uses a beautiful range called Living Essences from Western Australia

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